Eat PERI-PERI good at Nandos

Eat PERI-PERI good at Nandos

Nandos have brought back some fan favourites, as well as some completely new dishes this year. They might just get you to change your go-to order.

See our full list of recent arrivals below:

Introducing the Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Pitta

It’s back and better than ever! The Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Pitta is back on the menu as of 25th January 2022. et stuck into an extra-large, juicy mushroom, grilled in your chosen spice with salty and squeaky slices of halloumi, finished with chilli jam and wild garlic aioli in a soft, sourdough pitta. So delicious you’ll be back regularly. 

Hello Chicken Livers!

Get ready to liver, laugh, love because Nando’s Chicken Livers are officially back on the menu after high-demand. Did you know Chicken Livers are a traditional South African starter? With its distinctive thick and rich sauce made with PERi-PERi, garlic, tomatoes, onion and warming chilli, there’s a reason it soon became a fan favourite. Got some leftover mop it up with the Portuguese roll. 

Have them grilled in your favourite spice and add sides like Macho Peas for a touch of sweet or double up on carbs with Spicy Rice to keep you nice and full

Mango & Lime sauce is BACK!

Even the extra-hot lovers missed this! The sweet and fruity, Mango & Lime is back and ready to mix your order up. If you’re in the mood to try something new (#newyearnewyou), give it a go on a Grilled Chicken Wrap and add in some pineapple for that extra juicy, juicy.

 If you haven’t tried Mango & Lime yet (no shame here), it sits on the non-spicy end of the PERi-ometer. That means it’s fruity with just the tiniest flicker of heat. See for yourself:

New year, new me burger.  

For the plant-based lovers

There’s a newbie in town and this one’s big, bold and plant-based. With a spinach and chickpea patty, loaded with hummus, red pepper chutney and red pickled onions in a soft roll, our Spiced Chickpea Burger is a two-hander. So whether you’re plant-based, flexitarian or just like to mix things up, it’s about to be your new go-to.

Click here to view the full menu.

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